Underwater works - Blatnjak d.o.o
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(for other companies and businesses)
Two major projects in Libya for the Italian company SINIT and Croatia BCDE
  • refineries RASLA NUF epoxy corrosion protection resins in which the pilot is a whole onion (about 1300 pcs.)
  • refineries ZUETINA bridge rehabilitation pilot setting protection DENSO 2000
  • concrete repair the refineries RASLA NUF and BREGA.
(for other companies and businesses)
  • MARINA FRAPA construction of T-pier and breakwater pier 10
  • BARRIER PERUČA cleaning tunnel
  • Removing a sunken ship "Istranka" with approx. 70 m depth and tow the graving dock
  • MARINA KAŠTELA work on building
  • MARINA ŠIBENIK RZ construction works
  • STUPIN ČELINA gas station
  • NEČUJAM pool construction
  • OMIŠALJ REFINERY rehabilitation Jetty
  • SOLIN cleaning and deepening of Swan Lake
  • Various coastal protection
  • Assists supervising engineer
  • Assists in the surveying, evaluation of damage, etc.
  • SWAN SPLIT hoist repairs
  • The shooting underwater camera
  • The recording underwater camera
(trades for underwater work Blatnjak)
  • VRANJIC construction of the coast 550 m
  • MARINA KAŠTELA extension
  • MARINA LAKES MURTER rehabilitation and expansion
  • ŠKVER SPLIT slipway repairs and preparation porinuxa NOV 507
  • DUBROVNIK GRUŽ assists in drilling and blasting
  • TROGIR construction of the east coast
  • SLATINE ČIOVO repair dock
  • OMIŠALJ REFINERY rehabilitation Jetty
  • MARINA FRAPA extending for approximately 500 m of new gats
  • MARINA FRAPA sinking caissons and centering around 100 tonnes of underwater restaurant
  • BARRIER PRANČEVIĆ underwater cutting and welding bars intake power Zakučac
  • Port of GRUŽ concrete foundation planks behind the pilot
  • SPLIT repair and installation of sewer outfall pipes and 200 m 110 m diffuser at 45 m depth
(trades for underwater work Blatnjak)
  • DIVULJE construction works on the ECO-Kastela Bay
  • SPLIT MATEJUŠKA rehabilitation and construction of shore
  • SPLIT extracting sunken boat "Mercedes" with a 25 m depth, and Towing in MARINA KAŠTELA
  • Lamljani underwater blasting and other works on the repair platform "KEY MANHETEN"
  • PAŠMAN-UGLJAN repair the foundations of the bridge piers
  • PAŠMAN-UGLJAN repair the foundations of the bridge piers
  • ČIOVO construction of three incidental discharges
  • VINIŠČE rehabilitation mules
  • DRAGE-VRGADA coastal protection and laying pipes for water approximately 4000 m
  • PAŠMAN-BABAC-TURANJ coastal protection electrical cable
  • and assistance on a variety of geodetic surveys, sounding the bottom, damage assessment, etc.