Underwater works - Blatnjak d.o.o
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Crafts for underwater work 'Blatnjak' performs all types of professional work, as underwater construction and underwater operations of metal, and underwater filming and photographing. Through continuous investment and quality of the works, and compliance with contractual terms and agreements we have found their place in the market, and we are able to perform all types of underwater operations.

  • Construction of a submarine works coast moles etc.
  • Rehabilitation of the submarine part of the coast, moles etc.
  • Review and record the underwater part of the coast, moles etc
  • Underwater filming and production of photo documentation
  • Removing sunken vessels
  • Extraction of sunken objects
  • Underwater inspection and cleaning of ships
  • Repairs of underwater damage to the ship
  • Installation of mooring system of marinas, moorings, etc.
  • Underwater blasting
  • Underwater cleaning tap
  • Underwater cutting
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater drilling
  • Underwater blasting
  • Underwater excavations
  • Development of coastal protection
  • Laying electrical cables
  • Installation of water and wastewater system
  • Rehabilitation of coastal protection
  • Rehabilitation of water and wastewater system